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Dear valued partner,

We think videos are the most important marketing tool for potential clients. The current trend is that people want to watch videos from people they can associate with have. They want to watch what they have to say about something the possible client has an interest for. Because if this we listed some a series of videos which would allows to produce a series which we think has the highest impact.

Possible goals:

  1. Tell your students about the episode topic and content you are trying to create. 
  2. Let them be creative (if they want), go around and record the material. If required add missing content.
  3. Cut the material in a way which looks modern and attractive to watch until the end. Short but good is better than long and not catchy.
  4. After it is done, we will publish every ..... weeks one Episode (depending on the time of the year and how many episodes are available) and include links to the already published episodes on the blog, so that they are easy to watch again. 
  5. Videos produced in English are OK but we think they should be subtitled in Portuguese to appeal to more possible clients and their family members who are often involved in the decision making process.

Here is our suggestion of possible episodes:
NOTE: If the below suggestions are just to many or to detailed, please pick the Episodes which work best for you or feel free to combine them into one or fewer videos.

Episode 1: 
Why did you choose (your school), (your city), (your country)?
What are your goals for your time investment?
What are you expecting to see and live?
How do you think you will benefit from this experience?
(show the perspective from min two Brazilian students)

Episode 2: 
Arriving in (your city). Show pickup service, drive to accommodation, being welcomed by HF or arriving at other accommodation type.
First day: Getting from the accommodation to school. Welcome at school, test to determine the level, interview with the teacher, getting into the class with the other student from the same level.
First classes.
Show school facilities to study and improve the English well and fast.
(if possible show the perspective via students from different cultures)  

Episode 3:  
What has happened during the first two weeks (At school, discover the area and different things to do. School activities offered to integrate and make friends. Best spots in the city to be (day and night)?
How do you dive into the culture? 
Do you have local friends? If yes, how did you meet them and how did you become friends?
If not, what are you planning to do to make local friends (how does (your school) support to achieve that goal)?
(show the perspective via students from different cultures)

Episode 4: 
Week 4 to 6. Getting a routine and being settled in. 
What is different today from the time when you arrived?
How is your every day life?
What other new things you are discovering and/or want to discover?
How did your English improve already?
(show the perspective via students from different cultures)

Episode 5:
Where are you living today and how is it (show a student at HF, at another accommodation option(s))? 
What are your plans (from those who will stay longer)? 
If you want to change accommodation, why and how are you planning to get it done?
Show support system from (your school) to achieve the students goal,
(show the perspective via students from different cultures)

Episode 6:
(Only for locations students can work (with salary or without salary))
WORK (If you came to study and work). Details about Job search (show your schools support system), interviews, first week at work, what are the best things in working during your study time? What did you get out of it which you would never had expected? How does work help you improve your English? How do you think this work experience will help you in your future career?
(show the perspective with students from different cultures)

Episode 7:
New places and new sports. Show what other places you discovered. How did you find out about them  and what did you encounter which was NEW for you (show (your school) support system with this topic.)
(show the perspective via students from different cultures)

Episode 8:
Going back home. Look back to your entire time at (your school). 
What are the most important and impressive things you learned and encountered during your time? 
What do you think about how important this time investment was for you and how will you benefit from this in the future? 
What do you think about (your school) and how did they enable/help you to achieve your goals?
Why should new possible students do a program at (your school) and why (your city) and why (your country)?
(show the perspective with students from different cultures) 

Please see with your team if they like these suggestions and how it can be implemented.