Dear potential Intern/Trainee candidate,

Thank you very much for showing interest in our Trainee program. As I was a Trainee myself, I can say that it is one of the most exciting programs available.
Before sending us your resume or applying for the program, please take the time and read ALL available information on this web page. After reading the information and if you still think that this program is right for you, please send us your resume or, better, please complete the “Evaluation form” below. Email the info as a Word doc and as an attachment. If you are not certain or need advise on how to become a successful Trainee candidate, please contact your main contact or send us an email. IMPORTANT: This program requires you to take care of the process by YOURSELF after you where advised about what has to be done. This will show you and all others that you are ready for the program.
Note: No money will be charged to evaluate your profile. That means that there is no risk to ask us what we think. Please contact your main contact.

Sincerely, Michael Joop

Trainee Program Director
Email: or    /     Skype: icce-michael

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When ready to verify your participation please complete the doc below and email as an attachment to me

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NOTE: In case you can not participate currently but you are seeking a rewarding experience abroad, please ask your main contact for more details. We can also offer the Study & Work program in case your level English is not efficient to participate in Trainee program or you just want to participate in a great program that offers many different things. We also can offer job packages in many different countries. Again ask your main contact for more details. The world is full of opportunities. Get informed and live it!!!!