Dear candidate,

As you know having at least a good conversational level of English is very important in getting you hired with an US employer (only US employer can make you a Trainee offer) and to have the US sponsor approve your participation in the program.

In case you feel rusty (which is very normal), here are some tips to improve your conversational English fast.

Get in contact with a person who has an advanced level of conversational English or even better get an American native speaker. Have conversational classes three times a week for one hour each lesson.
As time is money, it is good enough to have these classes via Skype ( for example. Just make sure you have a nice headphone and webcam attached to your computer. This allows you to have a teacher in almost any place of this world.

During the lesson be in a quiet room alone so that you can better focus on your lesson and get the most out of it.

With many candidates after only three weeks their conversational English level improved a lot and they were ready to record a good presentational video in English and to conduct the interview with the US employer and US sponsor.

You can always talk with me if you want to see if your conversational English level is good enough for the program.

Just contact your main contact in order to arrange that.

PS. If you seek a English course abroad to get to know a culture and to improve your English even faster, please contact your main contact for more information.