Dear candidate,

We would like to outline important information before you sign the DS form (Training plan), due to the fact that everybody has different expectations when doing the Trainee program. In some cases these expectations are not real and can be in your way during your Trainee experience. The information below should help you to adjust your expectations to the reality of the program. If you have any question please contact your main program contact.

Please read the information below:

  • The Training information described in the DS form is not a contract.
  • The Training information shows an intention of the Trainee site to perform the outlined Training.
  • Many different factors can modify this intention of the Training site regarding the Training plan.
  • The Trainee site does not really know you when they offer you the Trainee position.
  • The Trainee site does not know who you are and how you will perform in certain situations, which can only be seen when you are actually executing the different tasks.
  • Therefore, you will be offered certain tasks (or not) depending on your personality, language and personal skills, professional attitude, openness to follow rules, friendliness, team skills and many more things.
  • A manager will not let you work in certain positions, such as reception or waiter if you are not yet qualified for the tasks. You can not demand to work there only because the Training plan says so.
  • Be always happy and highly motivated especially in front the customer.
  • Do not complain openly. If you have a reason to complain (please make sure you really do) try to discuss the issue with the person you have a problem with or who can help you resolving the issue during a private meeting.
  • Customer satisfaction and the Training sites operational needs have priority. For this reason you can be asked to continue in your position, despite the fact that your Trainee plan says that you are supposed to move to the next position in the following weeks. For example, this can happen when two employees in your team leave and they can not be replaced in the following weeks.

Even if you have good professional experiences, you will execute most likely basic job functions and associated tasks. This does not mean you will not learn new things but you need to know that you might not execute new things all the time. If you lower your expectations you will be happier with your program.

  • The main reason for you to participate in this Trainee program is to live for a certain period in the US and to get hands on work experiences in your field.
  • This program is right for you if you are seeking job references from recognized US hotels brand names.
  • You should always be thankful that somebody in the US gave you this Training opportunity. It is always a special gesture for a US employer to give you a Trainee position if they can hire a person locally. Please do not forget that they make you an offer via the Training plan without a “face to face” interview and without seeing you work during a real live situation. Would a local employer do this hire you without a least a “face to face” interview? That is the reason why you should be REALLY grateful to an US employer that makes a 6, 12 or 18 months commitment to you.
  • There is small chance to be fired from one day to another for several reasons, including the fact that your personal qualifications are not good enough and/or the business does not allow them anymore to continue the Training. For example: Weather related things (Hurricane, Flooding, etc. which maybe damaged the hotel)) do not allow the tourist to come to the Hotel as normally expected. Because of this the hotel is not able to offer work for all the employees. They need to let go off some employees. There is a high chance that it could be you who will lose the Trainee position. Please remember that the employer is not interested to do this easily and without cause. This rule also applies to all regular US employees.
  • Do not expect to be treated different than other employees in your team.
  • Do not expect that the business of running a hotel and its departments is very different from running this business in your home country.
  • Do not expect to be asked to extent or being sponsored for an additional period.
  • Expect that you have to work hard every day.
  • If you are treated correctly and you are executing tasks that are considered part of the position you are executing, do not expect that nobody wants to see you complaining about the work and other work related things.
  • You can ask for certain things you think are important to you but you can not demand and do not expect the Trainee site to follow them only because you want them. I assume that rule is the same as in your home country and reflects reality.
  • You have to follow the employer’s rules without exception.
  • Some rules can seam strange to you. Do not expect that they will change or bend the rules.
  • If you break the rules there is no easy way to get around the consequences. The US protects people’s rights in setting up strong rules and consequences for those who break the rules. Those rules and their consequences for the employee are communicated during the first days of work. If you break a rule the employer is forced by the law (depending on the case of course) to follow up and to execute the previously communicated consequences. If the employer fails to do so they might face heavy consequences for the employer.
  • You are a guest in this country. This means you should to be behaving better than the local people. That is also expected from guest in your home country.
  • Because of this you have to give always more than the “normal” employee in your team.
  • Be open for changing shifts, extended work hours, short notice of starting work outside your schedule, etc.
  • Only if you give more than everybody else you might be offered an extension of some kind.
  • The employer expects you NOT to take any vacation before the end of 12 months. Note that you have 4 weeks time to travel through the USafter your Trainee period. Do never take all your vacation in one piece. Exception – Only if the hotel has very few business going during low season for example, you might ask if you could take some vacation days.
  • Do not have family or friends visit you during your Trainee period. Again you can travel with them after your Training period.
  • Be prepared to pay at least one month of rent and at least one month of security deposit when signing a lease. In most cases you need to pay three months security deposit. This is very normal as you are a foreigner with no social security card, no bank account and no credit history.
  • Be prepared to share a room or apartment with another person. Preferable with an American person.
  • We suggest that you do not share your accommodation for two long (if at all) with other people that speak your language. You will improve your English and get to know the culture much faster if you live with an American person.
  • Be prepared to buy or share a car. This will make your experience richer and you are more flexible to choose different accommodation possibilities which might be further away from the employer as public transportation is very limited in most US cities.
  • If you can not buy a car right away be prepared to ride the bike or public transportation to work. Note that if you need to take public transportation that you might need to wait for the next bus for quite some time especially during the night if busses operate at all.
  • If you do not stay for the entire Training period and the employer wants you to continue your program as outlined in the DS form, do not expect to get a reference from the employer. The employer will most likely refuse to give you a reference and there is nothing you can do about. ICCE and/or the US sponsor will also not be able to change the opinion of the employer.
  • Everyone working in the US needs to pay taxes and needs to file a Federal Tax Return. If the employer does not automatically deduct the taxes from your paycheck it is your obligation to pay the taxes.

I agree with my signature that I read and understood the above text. Please print, short sign the first page and sign the last page.


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