Dear candidate,

The video is one of the most important things we will provide to the employer for their evaluation. A good video will increase your chance a lot to be chosen for the desired position (only the employer can make this decision). Maybe it will even eliminate the need for you not to participate in a telephone interview with the HR person and/or responsible manager/supervisor. So please try your best and follow the following instructions.
Recording a good quality video please follow the following instructions:

  1. Complete the questions below in copying the questions into a work document. Mention things that are of interest to the EMPLOYER. Make sure the video is not to long. 3 to 6 min max is good.
  2. Study the text as good as possible. YOU CAN NOT READ THE TEXT DURING THE VIDEO RECORDING. We can NOT accept a Video were we can see that you read text OR where it looks like that you are reading for longer periods!!!!!!  Please note that it is NOT important that you say all the words the way you wrote them done. Imagine you would be sitting during an interview in front of a manager and he/she would ask you "to talk about yourself". That is what I would like you to capture. Besides this it is important is that you are saying the things relaxed and in a most natural way.
  3. Print only the main topics (not the answers) and have it handy in case you get stuck during the recording. If it helps you can read the topics during the recording. That is fine.
  4. Appear PROFESSIONALLY. Dress yourself and fix your hair like going for a face to face interview.
  5. Record your video with a good quality webcam or digital camera and in GOOD resolution. Do NOT select the smallest resolution of your webcam or digital camera.
  6. Rest the camera on a sturdy support. Do NOT ask somebody to hold the camera in their hands.
  7. Make sure that the lighting is good. Try to eliminate any disturbing shadow(s).
  8. Turn OFF any special effects including the “”follow me/face tracking”” function.
  9. Try to use a clean and light background like they use when taking professional passport pictures. Clean white wall or similar is good.
  10. Make sure that you are in a quite room. Any surrounding noise will make it more difficult for the employer to hear you speaking. Confirm the sound quality in recording a test video and see if YOU can hear the sound WELL. If not get closer and/or adjust your sound settings.
  11. Position yourself in a way to the camera that your face and upper body is good visible. The video should look like that example ::view video example:
  12. Show positive energy, outgoing personality and SMILE. Everybody knows that recording a video makes you nervous but showing your positive and outgoing personality is important for the employer to see. Also a nice SMILE at least in the beginning and in the end of the video will make a HUGE difference to the employer.

Getting the video to your main contact
Login to your Gmail account (please create one if you do not have one already)
Click on the top menu on “drive”
Name the item you want to upload "Video - your name”
Upload the item in DRIVE
After upload is done, click on “Share”
Click next to PRIVATE on “Change ...”
Check the “Anyone with this link”
Click “Save”
Copy the LINK on the top and paste the LINK into an email to your main contact
We will have a look and let you know if the video is good to be forwarded to the US employer.
NOTE: If you produced several smaller videos, please use a program like Microsoft "Movie Maker" for example and make ONE video out of the several once before uploading. 

Thank you for recording a good quality video.

NOTE: We expect this video to be forward to us 7 days after these instructions were received. If this is not possible please let us know in setting a new date.


Examples of a Presentational Video

Most candidates produce a video like the above one.
Marketing professionals on the hand might want to show more of their expertise in producing a more professional video like the examples once on the right. Of course this is not a must and you decide if you want to go the “Extra Mile” to impress the employer.

Example of a video script

Topics that should be talked about during the video 
What is your name, your age and in which city and country do you live?

What do you study (or what did you study) and why?

What do you want to become (achieve) in your professional life in lets say 10 years?

Where did you learn English and for how long?

What are your travel experiences abroad?

What are your work experiences and what was the most important thing(s) you learned?

Why do you want to do this program?

What do you think you will get out of this program for your future?

Talk about your work ethics and why the company should hire YOU?
??? (for example: on time, like to work in a team, hard worker, good communicator, positive thinker, problem solver, etc.)