We are trying to provide as much valuable information as possible. Before applying please also read the information provided at the link "Questions & Answers".

NOTE: Because there are more open positions in Hotels or Resorts, we welcome especially candidates from the Tourism/Hospitality/Gastronomy field. Additionally people from the field of Business (Sales, HR, Accounting), Marketing and IT area can apply.
The Trainee program offers the following:
A pre-arranged and approved standard Trainee position (most positions are paid; Training plan with a min. wage (salary) of the US state the US employer is located (in most cases around US$10); in some cases wages could be higher like for experienced IT guys for example), visa papers in order to apply for the J-1 Trainee visa at the local US consulate, advice on how to secure long term housing and great support during the entire process and throughout the program. Beside this the program offers the possibility to get more out of it than standard

  1. IF the employer has room for that AND

  2. IF the candidate has the potential/capability to execute more than standard things.

In any case guaranteed is only standard and maybe not more. The candidate should be fine with standard in case nothing more can be developed when applying for the program. All depends on the employers situation throughout the program AND the candidate’s capability.
Saying all this might not seam much but let me tell you that it changed my life (I was a Trainee in 1995) and many other Trainees we placed over the years.

Here is a comment from one of them:
Can you tell us something about your Trainee experience in the US?
It really was the best experience of my professional and personal life. I've grown at least ten years in one! I have no doubt it was the best thing I ever done to myself. I've met thousand people and made really great friends. I've learned to deal with new situations, improved my English and Spanish, because I used to live in South Florida, and there are many Latin people there. I could travel few times, and meet awesome places. The most interesting thing is the American way of life, their culture, I've seen with my two eyes, that everything those movies show, is true... yes, every single stuff happens so fast, and you better watch them.

What are you doing professionally today or what did you accomplish after your return from the US and how did your Trainee experience help you in achieving that?
After I came back home I kept my hospitality carrier and got a job in a famous and huge corporation. It was a little easy because of my resume and professional experience attached there. Of course the trainee program was essential part of this conquest. The best companies to work believe that an abroad work experience is a great differential when hiring employees, so today I’m working for one of the best places to work in Brazil (it says an expert magazine).

What personal note would you have for possible Trainee candidates?
People let me give an advice… do not waste your time dreaming… work is the word to be successful, so release your dreams, go and have the most interesting experience of your life, it’s really worth, of course I recommend it!!!

Rafhael, Hospitality Trainee from Brazil

For other comments please click ::view::

We hope you will be part of this amazing program soon. Please read all following information below:


1) As a participant you must:

  • Meet all eligibility criteria of the program.

  • Have and show adequate financial support.

  • Maintain adequate health insurance that includes repatriation and medical evacuation in compliance with the Exchange Visitor Program requirements.

  • Contact the US sponsor upon your arrival in the U.S.

  • Keep the US sponsor informed about your current address and phone number at all times. You must update the US sponsor with the new address within 72 hours in case of moving.

  • Represent your country and the US sponsor with dignity and professionalism.

  • Obtain the necessary endorsements from the US sponsor before you travel outside the U.S. during your program.

  • Participate ONLY at the host company that provided your DS-7002; you MAY NOT have an additional job or change your host company.

  • Attend all orientation and evaluation sessions organized by the US sponsor, your agent, or the host company.

  • Know and comply with all the policies, rules and regulations of the host company, the US sponsor and the US government.

  • Comply with all signed agreements with the US sponsor and the host company.

  • Understand that your host company is not your social director. You are responsible for your own social life, entertainment, and transportation.

  • Contact your supervisor with any problems. If the problem continues, contact the US sponsor.

  • Use the grace period for the intended purposes only.

  • Return home at the conclusion of your program in order to continue your studies and/or pursue a career.

  • Understand that the program is not a way to obtain a permanent job in the U.S. or a way to immigrate.

Failure to abide by any of the rules listed above and in the information provided to you with your DS-2019 may result in dismissal from the program and early return to your home country.

2) Eligibility requirements for the Intern & Trainee Program

  • Have a background in the fields of business, hospitality, engineering, the sciences, or technology.

  • Age between 19-34 years.

  • Comes with the intention of RETURNING TO YOUR HOME COUNTRY after the program is finished and the 30-day grace period is over.

  • Possess high intermediate to advanced English skills. Your English must be of the level to allow you to function well in the program.

  • Bring a minimum of $1,000 cash or traveler’s checks for support during the first few weeks. Many participants find they need $1,500 or more. A credit card is another option. In addition, you must have available a minimum of $2,000 in case of emergency. This emergency money does not need to be in your possession. Verification is required that this minimum amount of financial support is available if needed.

  • Be responsible, self-reliant, cooperative, adaptable, hard working, friendly, adventurous, ambitious, goal-oriented, and respectful. You should also have the full support of your family.

  • Have no criminal record of any kind.

  • Be familiar with, and adhere to, all Training or Internship Program regulations and all US sponsor policies and procedures.

  • Complete and return evaluation forms sent by the sales person/agency.

  • The US sponsor will only sponsor a J-1 Visa status participant. The US sponsor will neither sponsor the participant's spouse or family (J-2 Visa status) to enter the U.S. with him/her, nor sponsor a spouse or family to join him/her after arrival.

2.1) Specific requirements for the TRAINEE Program (J-1 visa with status Trainee)

You must have

  • a degree or professional certificate from a foreign post-secondary academic institution and at least one year of prior related work experience in your occupational field acquired outside the United States

  • five years of work experience outside the United States in your occupational field.

Note: A combination of study and work experience is also allowed. For example: Two years of course in the field and 3 years of work experience in the field, Note: In order to proof work experiences, you need a letter from your (former) employer stating the time/period you worked there and in what position(s). Please view an example here in clicking on ::view::

Duration: 6, 12 or 18 months. Maximum duration of the program is 12 months for Hospitality/Tourism/Culinary candidates and 18 months for business, engineering, the sciences or technology. 
Note: Former J-1 Trainee visa candidates might participate again in the J-1 Trainee program if they have left the US for at least two years.

2.2) Specific requirements for the INTERN Program (J-1 visa with status Intern)

You must be

  • currently enrolled in, and pursuing studies in your occupational field, at a degree- or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution outside the United States

  • graduated in your occupational field from such an institution outside the United States no more than 12 months prior to your internship program.
    Note: You can do an Internship position outside your field of studies (for example Hospitality) if you still qualify as an Intern & if you write a “letter of intent” explaining why you wish to do a Internship position in the field of Hospitality for example. The letter of intent needs to explain that you have a strong interest to pursue a future career in the Hospitality field if you want to qualify for the Hospitality Internship program.

Duration: 6, 12 months. Maximum duration of the program is 12 months for all candidates. Note: Repeating the Internship program without the 2 year rule to wait is possible. Following example scenario might be arranged: You are a Hospitality or Tourism student in the 4th semester (Example: You need in total 8 semesters to get your degree). Now you put your studies “on hold” for 6 or 12 months and come to the US for 6 or 12 months to receive Training in for example the Housekeeping department. After this period, you return to your home country and continue your studies for example two semesters. Now you put again your studies “on hold” for 6 or 12 months and come again to the US to receive a second Training but this time for example in the Food & Beverage department (during each different training period you need to learn new skills). After this period, you return and finish your studies in graduating. Now you come for another 6 or 12 months period and receive your third Training in for example the Front office department. If you follow a plan like this, you will be very well prepared for a good career in the Hospitality area as you were trained in all important areas of the hotel


You can start your Trainee program at anytime during the year. Of course you need to be flexible to start when the employer you chose wants you to start your Training. In most cases following will apply due to seasonal business especially in the Hospitality industry:
Starting time in the
Northern states is May - July - Their high season is from around May-June to October-November
Southern states (in particular Florida) is October - December - Their high season is from around October- November to May-June


  • The US Training program is in most cases very similar to a long term Work & Travel program.

  • Only the/a US employer can offer a Trainee position.

  • The DS form (Trainee plan) is not a contract. In fact it expresses the “intention” to offer the outlined training and phases. If business circumstances are changing and/or the Trainee is not able or was not accepted by the department manager in a certain position/phase, other positions will be offered instead or this Trainee position will be terminated.

  • Trainees will be trained/work in any position that becomes available and they can not change the employer.

  • Only if the employer has to terminate the Trainee program and it is not the fault of the Trainee a new Trainee employer can be found. In that case the Trainee will be given a time of for example 14 days to find a new Trainee position. The US sponsor needs to approve the new Trainee position before the Trainee can begin there.

  • It is expected from the Trainee to give his/her best in any position that is offered to him/her. This includes Housekeeping (applies only for Tourism/Hospitality Trainees) if the Trainee has to help out there and if is not part of the DS form (Training plan).

  • The Trainee needs to be VERY grateful that he/she was offered a Trainee position with an US employer.

  • It is strongly recommended (in some cases a must) that a Trainee or group of Trainees living together buy a car. Cars start from around US$ 1500. All Trainees need to pass the US drivers license directly after arrival and buy a car especially if we can not indicate accommodation close to the employer. The Trainee (or group) needs a car to find cheaper accommodation which could be further away from the employer and to have fun after work. Outside larger US cities public transportation is very limited or not existent. NOTE: If you can not take the US drivers license test for some important reason, please let us know from the beginning.

  • The Trainee needs to follow our advice, suggestions and/or instructions. Only this will ensure that a smooth arrival will take place and that the Trainee can immediately focus on his/her Training at the employer.

  • We are not responsible in any way for any changes to the Trainee program. No money will be refunded after the Trainee arrived in the US. Some money will be refunded after the DS form (Trainee plan) was signed by the Trainee and before the arrival in the US. Please view your contact for more details.

  • We are available during the entire program for questions concerning the program.



Step 01
Read all information carefully provided at this web page and decide if you qualify for the program and that you have the required funding to participate in the program
Step 02
Email your resume to your main program contact. That will allow them to see your status. If you think that this is a perfect program for you and that you are a very good candidate, please click on ::view:: and complete the document. Email the completed document as an attachment to your main program contact.
Step 03
We will review the information and let you know if we think you can continue the process.
Step 04
If yes, we will conduct an interview with you. If you have access to a PC/Laptop with internet please buy a headset and install the free voice over internet software skype at www.skype.com. Create a username and add me to your contacts. My skype name is "icce-michael". As I will be asked to accept your request, please write a short note that you are a potential Trainee. Send me an email with the best date and time for an interview.
Step 05
After we talked and if you still think you want to participate in the program, we will ask you to record a video. Please click on ::view:: and follow the instructions. The video is very important and will give the employer a better idea about you. Make sure you record a GOOD video.

Step 06
In order to be READY for an employer that seeks a Trainee to start ASAP, you need to provide certain documents like a copy of your passport, Uni transcript or diploma and/or proof of work history and two references from former managers or Uni professors.

Step 07
We will ask you to read and sign our contract. In handing in the contract (scan and email to your main contact; we MIGHT ask you to pay an enrollment fee of US$ 300.)
Step 08
After we received the payment in our account and the scanned contract, we will make all your information (minimum resume and video) available to a possible employer(s). Of course we will tell you first what employers we want to contact and/or what our plan is to place you in a most suitable Trainee position.
Step 09
After the employer shows interest, we will ask you to participate in a Telephone/skype interview with the employer (Human resource (HR) person and/or department manager).
Step 10
If the employer offers you a Trainee position, the employer will email us the DS form (Training plan). We will forward you this document and other information that will be useful for you to make a decision. If you do not accept this position, please send us an email with your “good” reasons why you deny this offer to your main program contact.
Step 11
If you accept the Trainee position, please sign the first page and short sign all others. Scan and email us those pages. After we received the signed DS form, we will inform the employer.
Step 12
After we received the COMPLETE application required to receive the visa papers, we will upload all items to the US sponsor online system. It takes at least 2-3 weeks until the US sponsor will give us their final OK that the application is OK and can be sponsored by the US sponsor.
Step 13
Make the payment of the outstanding program fees.

Step 14
After the payment was received the US sponsor will create and mail out the DS form which is required to apply for the J-1 Trainee visa at your local US consulate.

Step 15
As soon as we know when the DS form will be mailed out, we will be giving you all necessary information so that you are able to complete the DS-160 form and book you appointment at your local US consulate. You will let us know the date and time of the booked appointment. You will complete the other necessary visa documentation and make the other payments of all visa and consulate fees.
Step 16
On the day of the appointment, you go to the US consulate and let us know if your visa was granted.
If the visa was granted, it can take in most cases 5-10 working days until you receive your passport back from the US consulate. Buy your flight ticket as soon as your visa was granted (not before) and let us know the details so that we can inform the US sponsor.
If the visa denied (very low possibility), you will receive a partial refund of the paid program fee. Please ask your main contact for more details.
Step 17
We will give you a departure instructions and also will help you to secure at least temporary housing. You will not leave your country without having at least temporary accommodation for the first week or two. We will advice on how to secure long term housing possibilities close to your Trainee position and a lot of other information that will help you to have a successful start and Trainee program.
Step 18
After your arrival in the US, you contact the US sponsor so that that they can activate your Travel Insurance and change the SEVIS status to “active”.
Step 19
You start your Training. Often it will start with your participation in an orientation. The HR (Human Resource) person is your main point of contact at the employer if you have questions.
Step 20
After about 10 days, you will apply for the Social Security card number at the local Social Security office.
Step 21
Stay in contact with the US sponsor and us. We are always there to listen to you and to try to help you if needed.


Note: All items with “--“ are done by us, all items with “++” are done by the US sponsor and all items with “>>” are handled and executed by YOU the candidate. This means that some important items are in your hands to get done as soon as possible in order to reduce the overall process time. This might mean that you can arrive earlier in the US (of course only the employer can decide on your Training starting date).
Phase 1 for PACKAGE 1: FULL-PLACEMENT: - Evaluation and placing into Trainee position until Trainee plan was signed
>> Read all program info at www.icce.com.br/trainee-usa : 1 – 7 days
>> If the candidate can agree to the program details, complete the evaluation document and record a presentational video: it can take from 1 to 7 days
-- Evaluation: 2 to 6 days after we received the Evaluation form and presentational video from the candidate.
-- >> Accepting the candidate into the program and the candidate accepting the Trainee program and all process items and their rules: 1 to 3 days
-- Placing the candidate in a most suitable Trainee position and forwarding the Trainee plan signed by the employer: 1 to 12 months (in most cases it happens during 1 - 4 months. All depends on the candidates qualifications and requests, employers requests and timing (season))
>> Candidate accepts the Training plan in signing the document or communicates why the candidates denies the Trainee position: 1 to 7 days
Total possible time investment in this phase: It can take between 1 to 12 months.

Phase 1 for PACKAGE 2: SELF-PLACEMENT: - Evaluation and application support until Trainee plan was signed
>> Read all program info at www.icce.com.br/trainee-usa : 1 to 7 days
>> If the candidate can agree to the program details, complete the evaluation document
-- Evaluation: 2 to 6 days after we received the Evaluation form from the candidate.
-- >> Accepting the candidate into the program and the candidate accepting the Trainee program and all process items and their rules: 1 to 3 days
-- Assisting the candidate (and employer) with completing the required US sponsor application docs. 7 to 21 days
Total possible time investment in this phase: It can take between 9 days to 31 days.
All depends on how fast the Training plan can be created, be approved by the US sponsor and signed by all parties.

Phase 2 - US sponsor application until receiving the visa
-- Sending the link with the information about the requested US sponsor application docs: 1 day
>> Emailing us ALL required docs in the required format and with ALL required information: 4 to 14 days
-- If all is correct, forwarding ALL docs to the US sponsor: 1 to 4 days
-- If the US sponsor gives us their OK, the invoice will be issued: 1 to 7 days
>> Candidate needs to make the payment as requested and the money needs to be received into the bank account: 1 to 7 days
-- Payment to the US sponsor needs to be made if not already done and the money needs to be received into the account: 1 to 7 days
++ DS form package will be mailed out by US sponsor: 10 to 16 days
-- DS form number, Instructions how to prepare and book the consulate appointment and confirmation of shipment will be emailed: 1 day
DS form package arrives to the candidates main contact or home address: 3 to 6 days
Total possible time investment in this phase: It can take between 23 to 52 days

Phase 3 - US consulate until arriving in the US
>> Schedule the US consulate appointment after DS form number was communicated and DS 160 was completed: 6 to 30 days
Receiving the passport back after visa was granted: 5 to 10 days
>> Booking and purchasing of the airplane ticket and leaving to the US as soon as required: 1 to 4 days
Total possible time investment in this phase: It can take between 11 to 41 days

NOTE for PACKAGE 2: SELF-PLACEMENT candidates: Total possible time investment for Phase 1, 2 & 3 =  43 to 124 days

Phase 4 - getting settled after arrival:
>> Opening a bank account and buying a mobile phone: 1 day
>> Securing long term accommodation and moving in (candidate as informed by us what has to be done and how to get it done fast): 8 to 14 days
>> Passing the US driver license theoretical and practical test if you decided to buy a car (which is recommended for a richer experience): 3 to 14 days
Total possible time investment in this phase: It can take between 12 to 29 days.


The below estimate is based on what normally people need to invest.
Accommodation costs and charges can change depending on what you are willing to accept (type and quality of accommodation). If you want to live comfortably following costs may apply:

Time frame: When applying for the program in signing the contract until around 4 weeks after arrival in the US.

Part 1:


Time when needs to be paid

Program fee (Self - Full placement)

US$ 2.400 (self placement) - US$ 3.700

When accepting the Trainee position

US consulate appointment booking fee

Around US$ 25

When booking the visa appointment

US consular fee:

Around US$ 131

When booking the visa appointment

SEVIS fee:

US$ 220

When booking the visa appointment

Student visa fee:

Around US$ 40

When applying for the visa

Part 1 - total costs:

US$ 3376 - 4076



Part 2 - needs to be arranged by candidate:

Flight ticket - student ticket valid for 12 months:

US$ 300 – US$ 900

After the visa was granted

Part 2 - total costs:

US$ 300 – US$ 900



Part 3 - needs to be arranged by candidate:

Accommodation – example:

2 bedroom shared with 4 people on a 12 months lease


Accommodation application fee:

US$ 100 – US$ 200 (per person)

After arrival in the US

Accommodation deposit:

US$ 100 – US$ 300 (per person)

After arrival in the US

Accommodation first rent:

US$ 300 – US$ 400 (per person)

After arrival in the US

Accommodation last rent:

US$ 300 – US$ 400 (per person)

After arrival in the US

Part 3 - total costs:

US$ 800 - US$ 1300



Part 4:

Pocket money until you get your first paycheck (this can take 2 to 6) weeks

Min. US$ 1.000 – for food, fist things for the house, transportation, temporary accommodation until you find an accommodation, car for the first days

After arrival in the US

Part 4 - total costs:

min US$ 1000


Total program investment:

US$ 4.776 - US$ 7.076



Possible NET income during the Trainee program period of 12 months

Values in US$, Every person earning more than US$ 8000 per year in the US needs to pay min. 18% income tax. Overtime (over 40 hours per week) is paid 1,5 times.

Example 1

$10/hr x 40 hours per week

= $400/w x 4 weeks

= $1200/m x 12 months

= $14400/year

Example 2

$11/hr x 40 hours per week

= $440/w x 4 weeks

= $1760/m x 12 months

= $21120/year

Example 3

$12/hr x 40 hours per week

= $480/w x 4 weeks

= $1920/m x 12 months

= $23040/year


NOTE: We strongly recommend that you pass the American driver license test directly after your arrival in the US and that you buy a car. Cars start from around US$ 1500. This will allow you to find cheaper accommodation possibilities further away from the employer and will give you the possibility to have a more interesting life outside your work. Public transportation outside big cities is very limited. Having a car will allow you to have a richer and more pleasant overall Trainee program experience.