Student Support

The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board endeavours to make the transition to life in Canada as easy as possible for our international students. As such, we provide a large range of services in our schools to assist students during the course of their placement.


These services include: 

  • Orientation Program 
  • Multicultural Training Program 
  • Homework support 
  • International Ambassador Program 
  • On-site support 
  • English as Second Language Support (ESL) 
  • Pre-arrival on-line learning

Each school has specially designated staff members in place that students can go to for guidance, support, or assistance with any issue that may arise. Our schools serve as welcoming and inviting places that take care of the special needs of our international students.


Short term study

Looking for an opportunity to learn English, see a different part of the world, and gain an experience that will last a lifetime; but you don’t want to commit to a full year abroad? Perhaps a short term study program is right for you. We accept both groups and individuals for short term study programs throughout the academic year.

We can customize our group programs to cater to any budget or interest. As such, we can provide excursions to a wide range of destinations that include natural wonders, big city tours, world renowned amusement parks, professional sporting events, and so much more. Our short term programs are a great way to expose yourself to some Canadian culture.



We work in partnership with Canada Homestay International; a family operated business with nearly 30 years of experience in providing safe, comfortable homes for young students across Canada. We carefully screen each home by completing interviews, in-home visits, criminal background checks, and reference checks. 
Our goal is to find families that the student will be compatible with. This helps to ensure that the student will enjoy their homestay placement. As well, our homestay coordinator is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with any issues that may arise. We maintain regular communication between the host family and the students to continuously monitor the placement and ensure that our students are happy in their homes.


Student testimonials

“My English has improved so much since I have been studying here in Windsor. I feel that I am much more fluent. The teachers are really good and they are really committed to helping their students. The school offers a large variety of courses; I can study photography, technology, art…I have learned so much during my time here. I feel that the experience has helped me to grow and become much more independent and mature… 
It is cool here and the people are nice…I really do love it. I would definitely recommend other students coming to Windsor to study” 
- Raouf Khoury, Israel


“The people here are very open and welcoming… When I came I made a lot of friends… 
I think that the education is really good, because we learn things that we are going to need in the future. I also like that we have lots of sports to choose from… 
I like the location being close to the United States. It is like visiting two countries, Canada and the United States, when you study here in Windsor.” 
- Juan Baratto, Spain


“I have been here since Grade 9; about 3 years, and I like it here a lot! I really like the people, they have been so nice. When I first got here my English wasn’t very good and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make any friends. But now I have met so many people and they have been so nice to me. They thought that it was so cool to meet someone from a foreign country… 
The education is really good. The teachers give you opportunities to explore and they are available after school or during class if you have questions. I feel that I have a solid foundation to go to university…There are so many extracurricular activities like sports and school clubs that make it really enjoyable… 
Coming to Windsor has been such an incredible experience!” 
- Wing Tse, Hong Kong


Study in Windsor, you will love it!

- Diana Sanchez-Nunez, Mexico

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Canadá, Austrália, Nova Zelândia, França, Espanha, Alemanha e Suíça.